Rich Hudson

Wolfeboro resident since 2015


Live Free Or Die; Death Is Not The Worst of Evils.

I regularly come across websites where business owners got frustrated and gave up on their once promising create-your-own-site subscription. My job is to make your life simpler, so you don't have to waste your time keeping up with web design and development. I get satisfaction in taming a bug that's been playing hide and seek for the last six hours in a JavaScript file.

Whether you build million-dollar homes around Lake Winnipesaukee, maintain septic systems, sell local-made products, or make great pizza, don't hesitate to contact me.

Your clients come first. So, do mine.

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Web Development & Design

  • Identity: American
  • State: New Hampshire
  • State Motto: Live Free or Die
  • Age: Born last century
  • Degree: Bachelors
  • Certifications: Multiple


( Web Development ( Web Design => Logo && Graphic Design ))

Web Development

I build static sites (least demand on your time), dynamic sites for registering and authenticating users, and WordPress sites for E-Commerce and blogging needs.

Web Design

Whether you want a new website or an upgrade for your current one, I'll work to bring out your brand, taste and style.

Logo Design

Need a logo? Want a new and improved logo? Check with me about rates and asset delivery times.

Graphic Design

Other projects include web advertisements, t-shirt, pamphlet, poster and sticker design. A good friend of mine even has a tattoo on his arm of a pen sketch I made years ago.


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ingram engineering

Eric Ingram

Rich does a great job with all aspects of my web site development and maintenance. The initial design was top notch, and he is always super responsive with any updates I have. I've got no time or interest in the technical aspects of implementing or keeping up with the web site hosting or technology and I'm really glad that he is available to take care of it. I highly recommend him for website work.”

pine harbor condos

Janice Boucher

Our condominium association was interested in building a new website that would be not only informative but user friendly for our owners as well as individuals from the general public seeking information about our community. In light of this, we retained web designer Rich Hudson who came highly recommended. With Rich's help, we were able to achieve our goal. Building a website can be quite a process. Rich did a great job of guiding us through each step of setting up the different areas on the site by giving us ideas, direction, and great graphic work. I found him to be an excellent teacher, easy to work with, and that he responds quickly when we need to add or update new content or encounter technical issues. I am pleased with the work he has done for our association and would recommend him to others for website and/or graphic work.


Dave Keller

My thoughts: 1. Brevity - Designs a website that gets the point across immediately. Your customer can scan your site with ease. No foolish insolent talk. 2. Cost is very affordable - The results are “In Hand Value”. Anyone who is starting a new business needs a site. You get a first class site that you can be proud of and afford. 3. Creative - Listens to your thoughts and provides great ideas upon which to build your site. Does excellent work in Logo design. 4. Communications - Between you and Rich are immediate. 5. Legality - Always follows the rules as to what you can or cannot use in your site.

kingswood press

Bill Swaffield

Rich revamped the website for The Kingswood Press two years ago and he did a fantastic job, making it more concise and much easier to navigate, all at a very reasonable and affordable price. Since then we have had more “hits” which has led to more business and some new accounts. Rich's response time to technical questions is immediate, thorough and easy to understand. His website knowledge and design capabilities are excellent, he is easy to work with, and I would recommend him to others who are in need of website design or graphic design.

glass smart

Henry Grover, Jr

Glass Smart Services

I could not be more satisfied with the work Rich did for me on the website design and the upgrade of my logo. His pricing is exceptional. Response to all of my questions was very prompt. And I absolutely recommend him to anyone looking for this kind of IT work!


  • STATIC - A static web app does not make use of a database.
  • DYNAMIC - Uses a database to track and authenticate users, and more.
  • LOGOS - Created and upgraded designs.
  • OTHER - Various graphic design projects.
  • All
  • Static
  • Dynamic
  • Logos
  • Other
DJs Septic Pumping

Septic Pumping Services


Ingram Engineering

Audio Engineering





Rourke Builders

Rourke Fine Home Building LLC


Magazine Ad

Magazine Ad


Kellerco Optik

Optic Technologies


Condominium Association




Determine if we're a good fit.

The relationships I maintain with my clients are for the long haul. I remain at their disposal for website modifications, resolving issues, updates and/or graphic design projects. In our first phone call we'll find out if we're right for each other. If I am unable to help you due to time constraints with other clients, or if my skill set is not appropriate to your needs, I will offer suggestions and guidance so you can find what you're looking for.

Your budget and my compensation.

Based on the type of work you want done and when you want it completed, I'll prepare an estimate. The estimate takes into consideration the complexity of the project, the amount of content and the total number of hours I figure it'll take me to deliver. If it's beyond your budget, then we can consider some cost saving alternatives.

Unique challenges.

Every project has its own unique set of challenges and constraints. That's one of the things I like about Web Development and Design. Even the most simplistic of projects takes care and consideration for how the content and elements are laid out, as well as, the functionality involved.


Ingram Engineering

Eric Ingram and I were housemates at Georgia Tech during the late 1980s. We were bandmates in a band called BOB. Eric on drums. Me on guitar and vocals. We recorded several albums and wrote a lot of songs together. Toured up and down the East Coast. Played at CBGBs a couple of times. Being creative and technically proficient, creating sound equipment was a natural evolution for Eric's electrical engineering pedigree.

The biggest challenge for was finding a better solution to manage and deliver the dozens of sound files. We ended up going with Amazon S3 for storing the many files. Organizing the files with appropriate names was time consuming. There is a lot of content on the site in addition to the audio files, including critical reviews of the different units, videos, and product information with specs.

KellerCo Optik & Electronik, LLC

Dave Keller came to me by word of mouth. KellerCo is a distributor of specialized consumables for the lapping and polishing of optics, infrared material, lasers, and other exotic materials. The challenge was deciphering the scientific terms and voluminous handwritten content and formatting it for a website. I helped economize the wording and grammar to optimize the website impression. I always proofread the website content my clients provide.

Rourke Fine Home Building, LLC

John learned of my business through He reached out to me about updating his website. I remember coming across a couple of years ago and thinking it needed an update. We discussed what the new site needed to do. He wanted a partially dynamic site that would allow Rourke employees to Create, Read, Update and Delete four different project routes. John asked if I knew of any marketing people, as he wanted the site to rank high in search engines and to run targeted ad campaigns. I recommended a marketing professional. The challenge was that I hadn't worked on Search Engine Optimization (SEO), previously. We added Open Graph Metatags, Google scripts, a sitemap, and an in-site Blog to facilitate marketing and ad campaigns. Rourke has had a significant uptick in website traffic.

DJ's Septic Pumping Services

The main challenge for DJ's was graphic design. Most of the time I'm inside HTML, CSS and Javascript files trying to resolve bugs or formatting content to make it work within the context. DJ's home page needed a graphic. I wanted to use a photo of their septic pump truck. But how? Pulling assets together including images of DJ's trucks, I used Photoshop and Illustrator to craft what's known as a Hero image. Many modern websites have a large Hero image: the first image a visitor sees when visiting a site. The perfect hex color, #7b5901, for the background is an inviting brownish ochre to evoke what's being transported in the tanks of their trucks. You have to see the picture of Nathan actually inside a client's septic tank. I was grateful for the opportunity to build a site for Sarah and Nathan.


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