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I'm a freelance web developer. I build sites for individuals and small businesses. Emphasis for web development and design is: simple, functional, user friendly, and responsive across multiple browsers. If you're looking for an upgrade beyond the do-it-yourself Wix type sites, but don't want to pay high end web dev prices, then let's connect. I have more tools at my disposal than you'll find at Wix, thus more options for customizing a web identity and user experience.

Did you know that ugly websites get more traffic? That's according to a recent article I read. "Ugly" is defined as a site that lacks sliders, animations, and sleek fonts, and is rather plain, boxy, and simple, with extra-large buttons directing users to , , , , or . Such "ugly" sites include: Walmart, Amazon, and PayPal. They get a lot of traffic. What I design for you won't look like Walmart, unless you want it to. But, the idea is to compel users to take action.

Graduated from Georgia Tech. Life experience in brief: singer guitarist for , an obscure Atlanta band that toured and recorded several albums during the 90s; Credit Supervisor at The Quikrete Companies from 2000 - 07; lived in Switzerland for 7 years exhibiting , speaking German, teaching ESL (English as a Second Language), sustaining a few ski injuries in the Alps; re-patriated in 2015, waited tables, washed windows, taught Chinese kids online English while taking courses in computer programming; I'm married with two well-traveled K-9s procured from Switzerland; I speak a modified Spanish.

See what I can do for you:

What I can do for you

Web Design

With the content you provide I'll mock up a website for you, which includes font selection, color scheme and responsive layout. I'll then send you a link to view the site in your browser. With your feedback, I modify the site and send you links with each successive draft (there will be several). PayPal is my preferred payment method. Work begins with a signed contract and a deposit.

Web development

I can build you a simple static site or a complex web based application with a dedicated database for authenticating users with ID's and passwords. The type of website depends on your business needs. Once your site is in production, I remain at your service for any future updates or modifications you wish to make.


Need a logo, illustration, flyer, T-shirt design or a portrait painting? I'm at your service. I'll write a song for you, too, if you want. Did I mention I'm a free lancer?

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Wolfeboro Business Center
Ingram Engineering: Audio
Louis Pizza
Equanimity Farm
BOB: 90s Art-Punk Band
Keith E Lee, Retrospective

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